Dose of Freedom

Experience great freedom and convenience with Contact Lenses.


We can offer a wide range of contact lenses to correct almost all types of focusing errors including myopia (short-sighted), hyperopia (long-sighted), astigmatism and presbyopia (replacing the need for reading glasses).

Soft contact lenses and Dailies

Soft contact lenses, including daily disposables, are highly convenient and comfortable to wear. They offer a smooth and easy transition for new wearers without requiring a lengthy adaptation period. Silicone hydrogel materials, which incorporate silicone into the lens matrix, have replaced older hydrogel materials. These advanced lenses provide up to five times greater oxygen permeability, allowing the eyes to breathe better and promoting improved eye health during lens wear. Toric soft lenses are specifically designed to correct astigmatism, while multifocal lenses can help individuals over 40 who experience reading difficulty.

At our centre, we offer a variety of soft contact lenses to meet different vision needs. Whether you need toric lenses for astigmatism correction or multifocal lenses for clear vision at various distances, we have options available. Our dedicated team of eye care professionals will assist you in finding the right lenses for your specific requirements and ensure a comfortable and optimal wearing experience.

An easy, convenient and healthy method of vision correction during the day. They are used once and then disposed of at the end of the day. As they are never used again there is no additional cleaning or storage requirement.

These lenses are designed to be used during the day and removed overnight. They are replaced either fortnightly or monthly. Slightly more care is required in looking after these lenses as they are being reused, they will require cleaning and storing solutions.

When the eye is said to have astigmatism or “rugby-ball shaped” eye, then using standard “spherical” contact lenses will not fully correct the focussing error and so leaves some blurring or distortion in vision. Astigmatic Prescriptions require a “toric” lens. These more specialised lenses allow better accuracy at correcting the blurring and distortion, leaving you with clearer vision.

As our eyes get older, the lens inside our eyes becomes less flexible and can no-longer change shape to allow focus on things that are close to us. Most people notice this at some stage but typically you become aware of difficulty from 40 yrs. of age onwards. Multifocal contact lens just like varifocals spectacles helps to improve near vision without upsetting distance vision.

Every prescription and a variety of needs can be met with the technology available today. Some prescriptions however require more bespoke made contact lenses that will meet your visual requirements.

Contact Lens Trial

At Rayleigh Vision Centre, we understand that wearing glasses may not always be the preferred option for vision correction. That’s why we offer contact lens assessments that provide you with the opportunity to explore an alternative solution. During the assessment, you will have the chance to try contact lenses both in our consulting room and in your everyday environment. This extended trial period allows you to experience the advantages of contact lenses firsthand and discover how they can enhance your lifestyle.

Your contact lens trial will consist of the following:

  • We’ll discuss your lifestyle and help to choose the contact lenses that are right for you.
  • Examination of the ocular surface and lids
  • Assessment of the tear film
  • Discussion of appropriate lens types according to results of above
  • Application of trial lenses to assess immediate tolerance (occasionally this may need to be booked as a separate appointment if trial lenses need to be specially ordered)
  • Vision assessment with lenses
  • Fit assessment
  • Teaching session with qualified member of staff lasting approx 20-40 minutes
  • Lens insertion and removal technique
  • Wearing instructions / lens care / cleaning where necessary
  • Solutions and hygiene advice
  • Contact lens ‘do’s and don’ts
  • Trial pack of lenses to take away to be worn in your own environment and trial pack of solutions where necessary
  • Lenses need to be worn to this appointment (please wear at least 2 hours before attending)
  • Review of fit and vision, refinement where necessary
  • If any changes are made a further appointment may be necessary, which will be covered by the fee paid at the first appointment


My first visit to this opticians and I'd highly recommend. First class service and hi-tech equipment. Professional and kind.
Gill Jones
Gill Jones
13:04 30 Oct 21
Super people, very sensitive to your needs. Great service nothing to much trouble.Highly recommend.
Michael Potter
Michael Potter
15:42 14 May 21
Saved my bacon today by repairing my glasses for me at short notice. The ladies there were so helpful and kind. Thank you. Darren
Amanda Weston
Amanda Weston
16:21 01 Aug 20
Been going there about 3 years now, friendly staff. Very accommodating. Always get a good service
Daniel Barber
Daniel Barber
07:49 25 Feb 19
I lost my glasses on the train last night! Called Rayleigh Vision this morning, had an appointment today and they have sorted me out with glasses to take away today! Can't beat their friendly and helpful service. Can't fault them. Thank you to the Rayleigh Vision Team.
Sharon Reynolds
Sharon Reynolds
17:22 19 Nov 16