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We really believe in offering you top quality eye care and taking our time to do it properly.

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Expert Eye Care

We really believe in offering you top quality eye care and taking our time to do it properly. Rest assured that if there are any problems, we will spot them. Firstly, you’ll be asked some questions about your overall eye health, family history and any changes in your vision since your last check-up.

You’ll then have a series of checks using the latest, advanced eye care technology, including retinal photography (on all suitable adults), which is a detailed digital picture of the back of your eye.  As well as diagnosing if you need help with your vision, we’ll check your eyes for signs of serious eye conditions, like glaucoma or macular degeneration.

  • Advanced Retinal Photography

  • Taking the Time to Listen

  • We Value Patient Relationships

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Honest Professional Advice

Once the tests have been done, you can discuss the findings with your optometrist here at Rayleigh Vision Centre and ask any questions you like. If you need help with your eyesight, you’ll be given a prescription for the lenses. Of course, we hope there won’t be any serious problems, but if there are, you can be sure we’ll discuss them with you clearly and sensitively.

Assuming that everything is OK, after the eye exam you’ll have a chance to sit down and chat with a member of our dispensing team about your options for eyewear, if a new prescription is required. Not everyone’s sight changes from year to year, so we’ll give you honest advice about this too.

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Advanced Gold Eye Test

A Standard sight test will check your vision and provide you with your prescription as well as detecting any immediate sign of common eye disease, such as glaucoma or cataracts. What it won’t do is reveal the very first signs of these conditions which, when treated at the earliest opportunity, can be slowed, halted or eradicated altogether. Nor will it include the OCT scans which we offer as a way of helping to detect and manage eye problems to maximise eye health.

At Rayleigh Vision Centre, we recommend our Advanced Gold Eye Examination because it includes both the Retinal photography and OCT scans.

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Retinal Photography Retinal Photography + OCT Scans
Visual Fields Test Visual Fields Test
Eye Pressure Eye Pressure
Indirect Ophthalmoscopy Indirect Ophthalmoscopy
Consultation Consultation


Don’t take our word for it. Our testimonials speak for themselves.

Have used Rayleigh Vision Centre for the last… Four years I think! Great service, very helpful and knowledgeable. I wouldn’t go anywhere else now.


I have been a client since soon after they opened – yes, I really am that old!!! I , and later my husband, have always had exceptional service in such a friendly atmosphere.


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